Welcome to GVAA:

.    The Greek Veterans ‘Athletics Association
.    The association that was initially grouped in 1976 trying to “activate” the veterans of the 50’s and the 60’s, and reestablished the pathos for athletics to the “golden oldies”
.    The association that participates actively in all veteran sporting events in Greece and abroad and projecting our country with the values and the ideals at which athletics are based.

In GVAA we know that the constant communication with the veterans (athletes; coaches; friends; clubs) of Track & Field is necessary, for us to succeed in our goal:

.    To create an open channel between the association, the clubs, the coaches, the athletes and the sports fans.
.    To inform sports fans of our activities, the calendar, but also the problems we face and our proposals to solve them.
.    To provide valid and on time the results of the championship we are organizing or participate, together with our statistics about our veterans.

We want the site of GVAA to be one more means to the overall attempt for more veterans in athletic fields and better communications with the family of GVAA.

We are waiting for your messages, your comments, and your questions. We wish and hope that your “visit” at will be the starting point of a closer communication with us. We will be waiting for you.




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